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    Welcome to the Bee Health Guru Bulletin Board (BB). This website features a developing smartphone application called bee health guru Kickstarter app, dedicated to listening to honey bee colonies in order for the beekeeper to determine their status (health). Currently, this BB caters to several communities of users, mostly stemming from the University of Montana's Online Master Beekeeping program. Anyone accessing this BB can see most of the information. At the same time, it is worth studying the site's frequently asked questions.

    In order to post and become a part of the community, one must register. We strongly recommend doing that by using the Sign-Up button located at the top right of the Forums and Articles Home page. Since this is a Moderated site, there will be a delay, usually less than 24 hours, before a registrant can Log-In. Each registration has to be approved by the moderators. This is an additional level of protection from spammers and hackers.

    Again, all users can see and read the totality of this site, which consists of information strictly related to the smartphone application, as well as a number of allied topics oriented to beekeeping in general. Looking at the home page, the first topics (forums) refer strictly to the smartphone Kickstarter application (app). The All about the Bee Health Guru App forum provides a history of the effort and its projected future.

    Currently, several communities of people are accessing these specific App forums, including those who have supported a Kickstarter program to financially assist the effort. These app forums are, therefore, currently reserved for those officially affiliated with this project. Others may view them to get an idea of what is happening, providing a window into what' s possible in the future but are asked not to directly participate (post) at the present time. Meanwhile, look for information fairly soon to open up for this application as it develops into a truly global effort. The remaining forums found on this site are for general use, including the published articles.

    For current official participants in this smartphone Kickstarter project, we ask that two simple tasks be completed at the earliest convenience:
    1. Conduct a Table Top First Use practice run as detailed in the Kickstarter email. Be sure to label the Hive ID as TEST. Having completed the practice run, go to the app's home page and upload the practice run files (it's just one-click on the Cloud icon).
    2. Please provide immediate feedback about and installing the application. Fill out the appropriate (Android or iPhone) poll for your specific device found here.
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    The information provided by the Bee Health Guru is not intended to provide solutions to problems. It is given as a suggestion only. A multiplicity of factors could be impacting the health of your bees. We are not responsible for any health issues of your bees, including death, swarming, colony collapse, or issues arising from treatments as a result of any suggestions provided by the Bee Health Guru smartphone app, the Bee Health Guru team, or any answers posted in the accompanying BeeHealth.Guru online forum.

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    ****o Jerry and TY for the App. we are backers from Kickstarter...we just down loaded our first set of 5 hives on 4 wife and I have all our hives numbered and we will compare anything we see and smell with the App results...we have 3 yards and over 100 hives in SE Michigan and want to make sure the first ones made it to the database ok and we are adding to this great product...if you can get this to detect something without cracking the hive is's a great tool for the yard and I hope an early warning system so you can jump on a problem....Good Luck in all that French stuff to the bad they don't come to the should be a great experience.....this is a great idea and I can't wait to help fine tune it.....Eric and Cecilia