Bee Health Guru KS has been extensively revised. We have added user functions such as the ability to save your own records, map the locations of your colonies, produce a map of the health of your colonies by each of the eight health factors such as queen status, presence or absence of mites, foul brood, etc.

The mapping function is based on visual inspections. For the first time ever, each user can contribute to a global database of colony health variables in real-time, as soon as the visual inspection reports are uploaded with the acoustic recordings.

We are still asking for help with respect to calibrating the acoustics. We received thousands of recordings, but many were of poor quality or submitted without any inspection reports. For 2021, we are asking our community of citizen scientists to use a recommended external microphone - and please, don't sing or talk while recording your colonies.

Everyone who donated and received a copy of bee health guru ks should be able to download the 2021 upgrade, if you use the same email by which you received the original copy. If you donate again, you will be providing funds to add more user-friendly options.

If you belong to a bee association, consider organizing a group effort to help us plot bee health problems in real time and to continue to calibrate the app.

Thank you for your continued support. We are adding training videos and will start hosting live virtual meetings to meet with and talk to users about our app.
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COLOSS Sept 7; 46th Apimondia Sept 8-12; Montreal, Canada

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  • COLOSS Sept 7; 46th Apimondia Sept 8-12; Montreal, Canada

    Malcolm T Sanford
    If you are attending either or both of these conferences, plan on talking to Dr. Malcolm Sanford. He will be presenting a poster on our/your Honey Bee Guru Kickstarter project. It's also a way to meet other participants. Malcolm will first present to COLOSS at the evening Social Dinner reception, Sept 7. Then on Sept 12, the poster will be in place all day at Apimonidia, and Malcolm will be there to talk about the project at noon.

    To Preview the Poster, go to
    For the News release, go to

    To see a copy of the rotating global map of project participants, go to

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    The information provided by the Bee Health Guru is not intended to provide solutions to problems. It is given as a suggestion only. A multiplicity of factors could be impacting the health of your bees. We are not responsible for any health issues of your bees, including death, swarming, colony collapse, or issues arising from treatments as a result of any suggestions provided by the Bee Health Guru smartphone app, the Bee Health Guru team, or any answers posted in the accompanying BeeHealth.Guru online forum.