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    Great timing with COLOSS and Apimondia meeting in Montreal. Dr. Malcolm Sanford will be presenting a poster on our acoustic colony monitoring and our citizen-science tuning project at the COLOSS dinner social Saturday evening, Sept 7. The poster will be up all day Thursday at Apimondia, Sept 12, and he will be presenting it at noon.

    Preview the poster here:

    A map of locations for ~ 700 Bee Health Guru app shows a preponderance of users in the US and Canada. Ask Malcolm to show it to you on the iPad.

    Attendees at COLOSS and Apimondia could greatly contribute to extending the app tuning and testing worldwide. Plus, COLOSS and Apimondia members have the expertise to really improve the app, tuning it for various colony pests and diseases, adjusting for the regional differences in colony sounds that we've discovered are much like acoustic fingerprints.

    Huw Evans, Arnia, will be talking presenting a talk at Apimondia on Hive Monitoring and will invite everyone to the 4th International Workshop on Bee and Hive Monitoring, July 12 and 13, 2020. This Workshop will provide a day for everyone with hive monitoring and colony management devices and software to demonstrate their products and capability in real hives with bees on Sunday, July 12. The Hive Monitoring Workshop will be held in conjunction with the Western Apicultural Society's 2020 Conference.

    Frank Linford will have a poster up at Apimondia about Hive Monitoring. He's organized the first three workshops (Vermont, Montana, Virginia) and will be in Montana for the 4th International Workshop. The Montana meeting will be two-days, three if we get too many presentations and posters for one day. Sunday is the field demonstration day, Monday is the oral and poster presentations day. The Holiday Inn Parkside in Missoula, Montana has set aside a block of rooms for both conference groups. Those participating in the Bee and Hive Monitoring Workshop will be given the option of having a Commercial Booth, where they may market their systems.
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