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    Beekeeping is a tricky and challenging profession. BeeHively Group is actively training tribal beekeepers for harvesting honey from natural hives in the forests. India, Bhutan & Nepal has abundance forest land mass available because of this tribal community living in these jungles are able to harvest raw honey thrice a year from natural hives. Apart from beekeeping training and eductation, Beehively caters to the bulk demands of honey as we give our client quality, timely delivery and neat packaging solutions.

    BeeHively Group offers technical know-how to help apiculturists and beekeepers procure honey by adopting environment-friendly methodologies. We train beekeepers in modern beekeeping technologies to give them a much-required exposure for expanding their business. BeeHively has also introduced new methods for ethically harvesting raw honey from cabs and offers complete on-field support to beekeepers.

    Our services also include training the new and emerging beekeepers or farmers looking to foray into the beekeeping business. Apiculture involves starting and managing an artificial beehive where beekeepers are responsible for the smooth running of the hive as well as protecting the bee colonies from diseases, infections and unwanted intruders. Extracting honey needs training and practice and we train beekeepers to carry out this task in a sustainable manner. We offer trainings of different durations, based on the requirements of the respective beekeepers. Training can be of basic, intermediate, and advanced level.

    At BeeHively, we propagate sustainable beekeeping as well as an approach that can help conserve bees and increase their population.It is imperative for beekeepers to ensure sustainable practices for the welfare of their bees. Some of the ideal things for beekeeping include flower-rich landscapes, a clean water source, abundant nectar and pollen as well as plant resin. Beekeeping management should focus on the natural processes and life cycle of bees for natural beekeeping management. This type of sustainable and environment-friendly beekeeping help smaintain viable and indigenous populations of bees, which in turn provides high-quality honey and its by-products. Beehively also offers self produced pure and natural honey in bulk quantity at competitive prices. Our products are supplied globally.