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National and Regional Beekeeping Associations in USA

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  • National and Regional Beekeeping Associations in USA

    There are two national and three regional beekeeping societies in the USA. The largest and oldest (1943) national association is the American Federation of Beekeepers [URL][/URL]. The other national association is comprised mainly of commercial beekeepers, who make up the American Honey Producers Association [URL][/URL]. The oldest and largest of the regional beekeeping societies is the Eastern Apicultural Society [URL=""][/URL]. It's counterpart is the Western Apicultural Society [URL][/URL]. The newest regional association is the Heartland Apicultural Society [URL][/URL]. There is usually at least one state-wide or province-wide beekeeping associations in the US states and Canadian Provinces.

    A group of Master Level students from the University of Montana's 2018 Master Level class has started a list of state and provincial-level associations and local associations. Please contribute to establishing a North American list of local clubs and associations so that everyone in the US and Canada can find nearby beekeepers, friends, and mentors.
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