There are two national and three regional beekeeping societies in the USA. The largest and oldest (1943) national association is the American Federation of Beekeepers [URL][/URL]. The other national association is comprised mainly of commercial beekeepers, who make up the American Honey Producers Association [URL][/URL]. The oldest and largest of the regional beekeeping societies is the Eastern Apicultural Society [URL=""][/URL]. It's counterpart is the Western Apicultural Society [URL][/URL]. The newest regional association is the Heartland Apicultural Society [URL][/URL]. There is usually at least one state-wide or province-wide beekeeping associations in the US states and Canadian Provinces.

A group of Master Level students from the University of Montana's 2018 Master Level class has started a list of state and provincial-level associations and local associations. Please contribute to establishing a North American list of local clubs and associations so that everyone in the US and Canada can find nearby beekeepers, friends, and mentors.