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DIY microphone build

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  • DIY microphone build

    I'll be attempting to build this over the winter:

    The Panasonic WM-60AY that they used is not being manufactured anymore apparently, however I understand the WM-61A is the replacement for it. Sheets/Panasonic Electronic Components/WM-61A.pdf

    As you can see from the datasheet the frequency response is flat. Furthermore (what I find the most attractive), the capsule has a very small size of 6mm at the biggest dimension. I have L-shaped hive entrances, so coming from the front will unlikely yield good results. I envision the capsule mounted on a metal rod / pipe that can be inserted through a hole from the back (approx. 10mm) drilled in the rim of the bottom board. If not in use, the hole can be plugged with a M10 or similar bolt. I already use a similar approach to insert my oxalic acid vaporiser and it works great.

    How to connect it to a phone etc. remains to be seen, but I expect to need a pre-amp of some sort.

    I realise that it is unlikely to get support from the BHG team for understandable reasons. Wish me luck, I'll need it :-)

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    Interesting project.
    Would an Arduino Uno serve as the pre-amp?
    it has good adaptable power needs and outputs.
    I think the money being asked for these simple devices is a sick joke,