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Keeping and reviewing your Bee Health Guru scans - just take a screenshot

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  • Keeping and reviewing your Bee Health Guru scans - just take a screenshot

    The pre-release Kickstarter version is our Community version of the Bee Health Guru and does not provide the ability to view the reports once they are sent. The best way to view these reports later is to just take a screenshot of them. Most phones provide pretty simple two-button-push functionality to achieve that. When I scanned our 18 colonies I took a photo of each box first (they are labeled), used the Bee Health Guru to listen to the bees and then allowed our AI to perform its analysis, and simply took a screenshot of the report. I had a nice set of 36 photos to show the colony and report, colony and report, and so on, when I was done.

    Providing the ability to review scans/reports is being built into our Pro version. That capability requires quite a bit of programming, a good deal of backend database configuration, and more importantly a lot more buttons and functionality on the phone app which makes it more complex to use. Our goal was to first make an app that was broadly usable by beekeepers. With a team who has been working with beekeepers for over 30 years, and continues to work with commercial beekeepers, we recognized that more functionality would be required by those with more than a few colonies.
    iPhone 6 running Bee Health Guru
    The information provided by the Bee Health Guru is not intended to provide solutions to problems. It is given as a suggestion only. A multiplicity of factors could be impacting the health of your bees. We are not responsible for any health issues of your bees, including death, swarming, colony collapse, or issues arising from treatments as a result of any suggestions provided by the Bee Health Guru smartphone app, the Bee Health Guru team, or any answers posted in the accompanying BeeHealth.Guru online forum.