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    I have performed 13 BHGA scans on my hives. I have not performed a mite check on my hives since this spring. I do not know how to categorize the mite levels of any of these hives. I do not want to submit a report representing "None" (the default) when I suspect that is not true. But you do not let me opt out of this question.

    It seems that if we report varroa by the default (none) in instances where we did not confirm with a mite wash or drop count, we will be submitting hundreds of false positives that will corrupt your data. The same with Nosema. I can't submit a report to you with the default ('none") without a microscopic examination of the spores. I don't have a microscope and I do not know how much Nosema C. is in my colonies. Again, my submission of the default answer will skew your data.

    It seems to me that you should have a default of "Unknown" for those matters that are actually -- well -- unknown by the beekeeper. Otherwise, you are using bad data by matching scan sounds with inaccurate information.

    So, I have not submitted any reports yet. Can you tell me why my thinking is off with this? Thank you for your product and your efforts in this area.