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Checklists for Acoustic Sampling using Bee Health Guru

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  • Jerry Bromenshenk
    Sampling Requirements Checklist:
    Necessary Conditions
    Daytime, Bees Foraging Yes Colony Undisturbed
    Quiet Conditions Yes Do not Talk or Run Engines During Recording
    No Smoke (cigarette, bee smoker, nearby fires) Yes No Smoke before or while Recording
    Gentle Movements Yes Bees should Remain Calm
    Recording Analysis, Inspection Steps
    Launch App Yes Click on Honey Bee Icon
    Insert Microphone deep into Hive Entrance Yes Close to Center of Brood Nest
    Check Recording Level via Green Indicator Bar Yes Adjust Gain, if Possible to Fall inside Ideal Scan Level
    Select 30 or 60 second Scan Yes Tap Small Scan Button
    Start Scan, tap Bull’s eye Yes Phone should Beep and Start Recording
    Conduct Analyses Yes Automatically Starts when Recording Scan is Complete
    Enter Hive ID Yes Your Email Login plus unique Hive Number
    Enter Hive Location or Yes Your Name for Apiary Site, GPS Location is Automatic
    Press Bar Code Icon Yes/No For Hives with Bar Code
    Examine Analysis Report Yes Results are Probability of Each Factor Being Present
    Create Report OR Yes If Scanned Hive is to be Immediately Inspected
    Save Analysis Report Yes For Later Inspection After Scanning Several Colonies
    Fill Out Inspection Report Yes When Scanning is Complete, Fill Out Inspection Report
    Click ? for Information Yes/No ? Provides Ranking Criteria
    Add Notes or Pictures No If Needed
    Save Inspection Report OR Yes Inspection Report is Needed to Tune App for Accuracy
    Check, Completed Report Yes Check this Button when Inspection(s) are complete
    Left Arrow, to Go Home Yes Home Page
    Upload, Click Cloud Button Yes Essential for Tuning App, One Click Upload. Be Sure to use Fast Wireless Connection
    Tools Bottom Home Page Yes/No Bee Icon =
    Buttons to Add Inspection Reports, About App, Data Sharing Choices

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  • Jerry Bromenshenk
    Smartphone 1 Android or iPhone
    (version 6 or higher)
    Hive Markers ? Permanent Marker or ID Tags
    Alcohol Wipes 1 Package
    Bee Safety Gear 1 Bee Veil or Jacket
    Phone Power Bank 1-2 USB-Rechargeable
    Notebook 1 Weather-Proof Paper
    Pens/Pencils 2 Weather-Proof Ink
    Screen Wipes 1 Package
    Capacitive Stylus 1-2 Pen/Stylus Combo - Best
    Cell Phone Power Bank 1-2 USB Re-Chargeable
    Small Diameter, External Microphone 1 Rode Smart Lav or Dayton Measurement

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  • Checklists for Acoustic Sampling using Bee Health Guru

    If you've got more than one or a few hives to scan, you'll want to take along a few things. I've listed these in the following posts - one for Materials, one for Sampling. Don't forget to take along drinking water.
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