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    For reasons I won't go into here, I need to buy an Android 6 (or higher) phone for the Bee Health Guru; I will not use it as a cell phone, rather as a platform for the Guru. Support to an external microphone seems an advantage; cost is also a consideration.

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    In our articles and other posts, we've explained that the app requires a fast processor for pattern recognition. That capability first appeared about 2017 with the i7 phones that had facial recognition for security. Until then, the AI's either took several minutes to process the analyses or couldn't do it at all. An Android or iPhone 6 should work, but will take a minute or two or more per hive for analysis. The version 8s do the analyses in about 12-15 seconds. I went to eBay and other sources to find used phones that could be used without cellular service. However, you will need wireless to upload your results to the Cloud. Without uploads, we can't tune the app. Fair warning, many of the level 10 phones have dropped microphone 3.5 mm ports and only have a USB type C, which on some phones has been found to be iffy with an external microphone.
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      I'm using a Samsung tablet SM-T390 wifi only (no phone) with a Rode smartLav+ external mic. Takes about 60 seconds for the analysis.