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Retain my hive info please

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  • Retain my hive info please

    I made recordings of my 5 hives yesterday - I believe this is only my second time doing it. I was disappointed that I had to re-enter all of the hive information again (hive name or number & location). Next time I will use initials for hive names and save myself the typing-out.

    What are you needing as far as location goes? I notice that coordinates are part of the app, so do I need to add anything specific?

    I will buy a small lapel microphone and use it in the future. They get pissy when my phone blocks the entrance!

    Is there a way for me to listen to the recording before uploading it, to verify it is useable? Or send feedback to those of us whose recordings are failures...otherwise we have no clue that we're wasting everyone's time & energy!

    Thanks! Barb Turner