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  • Using a smoker

    Will using a smoker before testing a hive interfere with the sounds of the working hive? I did not use one, trying to err on the side of leaving everything as close to natural as I could. I tested 15 hives, and some of them were very aggressive to having the phone inserted. The real problem was getting the bees off the phone afterwards. We are in the summer dearth, which contributes a bit to them being annoyed. Smoke would help, but I don't want to change the hive's dynamics if possible.

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    Unfortunately, smoking does change their sounds. An external microphone like the Rode Smart Lav attached to about a foot-long wire is less intrusive and far easier to give a flick to dislodge bees. I remove the fuzzy wind screen, the lapel clip, bend a small loop as a clip to steady the microphone in the end of about a foot of strong, but relatively thin wire, and use a bit of electrical tape to secure the microphones cable to the wire. I also like to bend a larger loop or even an L- or T- at other end of the wire to act as a handle.
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      Thanks Jerry. It did seem to me that it would make a difference, thank you for confirming.