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  • Jerry Bromenshenk
    If the green level indicator shows sound level close to or in the ideal range, you should be fine. If your colonies are healthy, this is what you should see. You want to see short bars. If you know of problems in hives, please record, fill out inspection form, and upload, so we can use your recordings to improve app performance and sensitivity.

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  • CedarSpice
    started a topic All Reports Similar

    All Reports Similar

    I am using an iPhone 6. All reports coming from five hives located in three apiaries are extremely similar to the attached report, even after treating four of the colonies for mites. So, I tested the app by running it in locations outside of the hives, i.e., at my mailbox, in the laundry room with the dryer running, in a very quiet room. The reports generated were all extremely close to the attached report. Could it be that the phone's microphone isn't strong enough?