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False Positive Result by Newbie Beeks

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  • False Positive Result by Newbie Beeks

    I did a small sampling of those who used your app in Silicon Valley. I know/found 14 people who downloaded Bee Health Guru - 3 had 4 or more years of beekeeping experience (of those 2 were “Treatment Free” hobbyists who only put on supers and collected honey and didn’t monitor hive). Majority were newbie hobbyist beeks; most of whom downloaded this app to help them diagnose problems relying on its results as accurate. My concern is that they are all submitting false positive results. Many of them don’t do mite checks (especially TF people).

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    This is a concern of mine, and i'm not sure how you can address it. I'd like to be able to restrict the dataset to a set of known good operators.


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      We are using researchers, known commercial beekeepers, graduates of our Master Program for the best data tuning and calibration. But the app also has to work for backyard beekeepers, so we need those recordings for comparison, so we can adjust for the more noisey data sets.
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