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  • Let's Start Tracking Bee Health Issues

    Reviewing our results from 2021, we realized that many Bee Health Users are unsure of how to inspect bee colonies for pests and diseases. We also found that results are greatly improved if beekeepers use a standard, probe microphone such as the Rode Smart Lav+.

    Therefore, for 2022, we would be glad for the opportunity to talk to beekeeping associations via zoom, talking about 49 yrs of citizen level research, how citizen science can result in significant changes, more about the marvelous things that bees can do - and provide a better understanding of the objectives of the Bee Health Guru scientists for 2022 and the future. Please fee free to contact us, either via this Forum, or by sending an email to [email protected].

    Finally, for 2022, we now have the ability to map every pest and disease report submitted, in real-time, on a global map. Make your recordings, visually inspect your colonies, and when you hit the send to the cloud button (be sure to use a fast wireless connection or 5G phone - the recording files are large), your visual inspection results will automatically appear on a global map for you and everyone to see. Don't worry about confidentiality. Although we will be able to see where your colonies are located, the generated maps will only put a pin in a regional map, often just at the state or provincial level. For 2022, we'd love to be able to generate maps of American Foul Brood outbreaks, as well as to detect and map levels of varroa mites. WIth that, we can provide warnings of outbreaks, follow the spread of these diseases.

    Of course, we also want to continue to calibrate the accuracy of the acoustic recordings. We have promising results for AFB, and we're working with Randy Oliver to obtain hundreds of recordings with verified mite levels for 2022. We are searching for other research groups who have mite farms and ongoing mite research.

    So, welcome to Bee Health Guru. Join the ~ 1000 users who have signed up for www
    The information provided by the Bee Health Guru is not intended to provide solutions to problems. It is given as a suggestion only. A multiplicity of factors could be impacting the health of your bees. We are not responsible for any health issues of your bees, including death, swarming, colony collapse, or issues arising from treatments as a result of any suggestions provided by the Bee Health Guru smartphone app, the Bee Health Guru team, or any answers posted in the accompanying BeeHealth.Guru online forum.